Is a Dental Crown Right for You?
October 04, 2018
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Could a dental crown improve your smile? The versatile restorations not only enhance your appearance but protect damaged crowns Montclair, NJ, dentist Dr. Paul Dionne offers crowns at Glen Ridge Dental Arts.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown encases your tooth in a protective layer of porcelain, a material that closely resembles tooth enamel. The hollow restorations are designed to slip over teeth after they've slightly been reduced in size. Dental laboratory technicians use an impression of your mouth when crafting crowns to ensure that your restoration fits perfectly and looks at home in your mouth. At your first appointment, you will be given a temporary crown, which will be worn until your permanent crown is completed in about two weeks.

How Can Dental Crowns Help My Smile?

Your Montclair dentist may recommend crowns if:

  • A Tooth Is Unattractive: Crowns conceal imperfections that make you want to hide your smile. They're an excellent choice if your tooth has become discolored after childhood tetracycline use, general trauma, or even a dental procedure. Crowns are also used to lengthen short teeth and even change the shape of a tooth. If you've always felt self-conscious about a crooked or oddly shaped tooth, you'll be amazed at the improvement in your smile after you receive your crown.
  • Your Tooth Is Cracked or Weak: Cracks mar the appearance of your smile and also weaken your tooth, increasing the chance that it will break or fracture. Any opening in your tooth, even a small crack, can create a convenient pathway for bacteria to enter your tooth. Covering the tooth with a crown strengthens it, prevents further damage, and helps you avoid tooth decay. A crown may also be recommended if a tooth is brittle due to a previous dental procedure or simply because of age and heredity.
  • Your Tooth Broke or Fractured: When either a crack turns into a fracture or a blow to the mouth breaks a tooth, crowns are available to protect and restore your smile. Once your new crown is in place, you won't even be able to tell that your tooth was ever damaged!

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