Discover the Benefits of Invisalign
July 15, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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Did you know that most Americans feel a great smile is a wonderful personal asset? That's what research from the American Academy of invisalignCosmetic Dentistry shows. How's your smile? If you wish to improve its appearance and long-term health, explore the many benefits of Invisalign clear aligners. At Glen Ridge Dental Arts serving Montclair, NJ, Dr. Paul Dionne uses this amazing orthodontic technology to craft straight smiles without the discomforts, time investment and awkward appearance of conventional braces.

Details on Invisalign clear aligners in Montclair
Invisalign clear aligners aren't your typical braces. They're not made of metal (or ceramic). They're not irritating or abrasive. They're not hard to clean, and best of all, they're not noticeable. How can that be?

Well, Invisalign aligners are thin, acrylic appliances which resemble teeth whitening trays. They snap over top and bottom teeth, and because of their special construction, they move crooked teeth into healthy, attractive alignment. In addition, they usually do it in under a year, a much shorter time than conventional braces need.

Invisalign aligners are fully removable, too. They come in customized pairs, 18 to 30 in all, and most patients wear them 20 to 22 hours a day, taking them out for meals and to brush and floss. As treatment progresses, an Invisalign patient visits Glen Ridge Dental Arts once a month or so to receive new aligners and for a quick check on progress.

Can you qualify?
20 percent of all patients undergoing smile correction with braces or aligners are just like you. They're adults. So, feel free to come to Glen Ridge Dental Arts to see if Invisalign aligners are right for your smile. This innovative system involves:

  • A careful examination by your dentist
  • A special Invisalign screening
  • Construction of your appliances by a specially trained technician at the Invisalign lab

Most people with mild to moderate orthodontic problems qualify for treatment. Common issues corrected with Invisalign appliances include:

  • Orthodontic relapse
  • Gaps
  • Crowding
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Openbite
  • Cross bite
  • Protruding front teeth
  • Tooth rotation and tooth tipping

How can we help your smile?
Find out by calling Glen Ridge Dental Arts in Montclair, NJ for an Invisalign consultation. Learn about the process, and ask questions. Dr. Paul Dionne will be happy to answer them and get you on track for a great, new smile. Call 973-748-7790.