Could Invisalign Work for Me?
August 10, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
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Chances are the answer is yes. Millions have recreated their smiles with this amazing orthodontic system, with up to 20 percent of Invisalignorthodontic patients being 21 and older (the American Association of Orthodontists).

Dr. Paul Dionne at Glen Ridge Dental Arts, located in the center of Montclair, Bloomfield and Glen Ridge, NJ, successfully uses Invisalign with his teen and adult patients producing healthy smiles that look great.

An Invisalign Smile

Custom-made according to special 3D imaging, aligner pairs move teeth gradually and systematically into favorable and attractive positions. Treatable problems include:

  • Orthodontic relapse
  • Gaps
  • Crowding
  • Protruding, tipped, or rotated teeth
  • Bite issues, such as overbite and underbite

As you go through your treatment plan, you'll see Dr. Dionne in his Glen Ridge/Montclair NJ office only once a month or so; he will track your progress and give you the next aligners in your sequence. Once treatment is complete, you'll wear your last aligner pair at night as retainers.

Daily Life with Invisalign

Many have opted to correct their teeth with Invisalign retainers because of ease of use. There are no dietary restrictions or intricate hygiene routines. Aligners clean up with a mild toothpaste, soft brush, and clear water. Plus, the appliances are smooth and comfortable, as well as discreet, designed to fit below your gums for best appearance.

Could Invisalign work for you?

Invisalign aligners have straightened smiles for over twenty years. Could they help you? Learn more about this inventive orthodontic system and contact your dentist, Dr. Paul Dionne, at Glen Ridge Dental Arts for an Invisalign consultation, and join the many Montclair, Bloomfield and Glen Ridge, NJ patients who love their healthy, beautiful smiles. Phone us at (973) 748-7790.