Could Invisalign Help Me?
July 03, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Kids aren’t the only patients who can benefit from orthodontic treatment. Many adults are going to the dentist to find out how they can aligninvisalign their teeth, improve their bites. and finally close up unattractive spaces. One issue they’re concerned about is being forced to wear brackets and wires as braces for multiple years. Many teen and adult patients may benefit from a less conspicuous treatment called Invisalign. Learn if Invisalign could help your Glen Ridge, NJ, dentist also serving Montclair, NJ, design a smile that you can be proud of. 

Invisalign Benefits
It’s perfectly normal to feel anxious about wearing metallic braces for an extended period of time. They make it harder to smile and even talk. The brackets tear at the soft tissue inside of the mouth causing sores and bleeding. When first applied, the springy tension wires put a lot of pressure on the teeth and can cause some aching pain. All of these issues are relieved when you choose Invisalign. You can smile, eat, and talk with ease since it’s possible to remove the trays at will. Even while wearing them, they feel comfortable and natural.

How an Invisalign Treatment Could Help Your Smile
Many people live many years with orthodontic problems that are easily resolved. These orthodontic issues could be causing functional as well as cosmetic problems. For instance, an uneven bite could cause unnatural clenching or pressure on a single tooth. Some people have jaw pain because their teeth aren’t properly aligned. And of course, making slight adjustments to the smile can provide significant cosmetic advantages.

The Invisalign Treatment Plan
Invisalign is one of the most straightforward treatments offered by your Glen Ridge, NJ, dentist serving Montclair, NJ. It requires an initial evaluation appointment, then a visit to have tooth impressions made. You’ll visit your dentist’s offices every two or three weeks to receive your new aligner trays—each one is slightly different. Many treatments are completed in about six to 18 months.

Invisalign and Your Smile
You never know just how much better your smile could look after a relatively short Invisalign treatment. Call Glen Ridge Dental Arts in Glen Ridge, NJ, serving Montclair, NJ, at (973) 748-7790 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Paul Dionne, a dentist who enjoys helping his patients makeover their smiles.